How to Live Without Fear and WorryHow to Live Without Fear and Worry

K.Srí Dhammánanda

How to Live Without Fear and Worry

Year of publication: 1989
ISBN: 9679920488

The book was first published in 1967 but there was such high demand for it that since then it has been published six more times. Letters of thanks and praise streamed to the author from all over the world. The reason of positive attitude towards the book was partly due to its simple language, being written without pretense, and the main goal being to show life not only from a Buddhist point of view, but to involve and introduce other religions’ and thinkers’ views as well. It was written primarily to provide comfort and relief to people who have great need of guidance in the wild complexity of modern civilization.

Besides the perennial questions, the recent, expanded edition is addressing actual problems of our time. The work is discussing matters from practical and humanistic perspectives. To this end, a lot of quotes, anecdotes, witty sayings, fables, and other stories are in the text to show how the sages have been thinking of human existence over time.

We sincerely hope that this book offers hope and inspiration to anyone who reads it without cynicism, and with faith.


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