Empirical Analysis of Hungarian Social OpinionEmpirical Analysis of Hungarian Social Opinion

Dr. László Kelemen

Empirical Analysis of Hungarian Social Opinion

Socio-psychological research 2010

Peer-reviewed by: Dr. János László
Translated by: Bálint Gyimesi
Reviewed by: Joshua A. Williams
Year of publishing: 2010
ISBN: 9789638818133

This book belongs equally to the fields of law and psychology. Balancing on the border of two branches of science inevitably results in a duality which determines the strengths and weakness of a scientific enterprise. Investigating an issue from many aspects might lead to new discoveries and theories or possibly worthless generalizations as well. Fortunately, evaluation of a book is always the reader’s privilege.

The dual nature of the book also manifests itself in the need for conducting a broad-scale survey and promptly analyzing an immense database at the same time. For research which investigates political attitudes as well, collecting data during parliamentary elections provided an excellent opportunity to obtain up-to-date information for the analysis. Related findings should be published in the year of the elections, but the large amount of data provided by the survey of a national representative sample required much time to be properly analyzed. My research took two extremely busy years, but I firmly believe that I was able to balance between the dual aspects of my venture.


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